About Pete Meyers



Alongside brands, agencies, and publishers I work on projects that delight readers and meet business goals. Everything you'd expect a content strategist to do is in my wheelhouse: content inventories and audits, competitive landscape assessment, SEO & social media planning.

High quality deliverables and deadline reliability are a big reason I work repeatedly with clients like Amazon, BCG, Medtronic, and PwC. 

But it's more than that, I think. At core, my value lies in my ability to:

  • Consolidate & clarify. I have a DNA-level urge to take messy content collections, reorganize them in reader-friendly ways, and pare away what's inessential. 
  • Think holistically. I'm deeply sensitive — and savvy — to the cross-functional and cross-discipline implications of my work as a content strategist. I get, for example, that brand identity guidelines and a sales rep's quarterly goals are simultaneously aligned and, occasionally, incompatible. I have a track record of listening carefully to the concerns of multiple constituencies and then crafting plans that optimize for business goals. 
  • Innovate. Day and night I'm knee deep in this ongoing revolution in the design of human communication. Writing. Speaking. Experimenting. I bring a pioneer's ingenuity to what can often feel like stale, intractable problems. 

Sound interesting? Drop me a line or check out my LinkedIn for full details about my experience.